Welcome to your Level 1 Course Registration!

Please read through the following agreements to ensure a safe and loving container.

  1. Video Release Waiver: We will be sharing these videos with others who can only join via video under all the same privacy agreements.
  2. Clarity Breathwork is not a substitute for professional, licensed mental health care. If you need deeper therapeutic support we advise you to contact a licensed professional.
  3. Do not share the link or the materials with others. This is our trademarked intellectual property.
  4. Communicate responsibly, share for yourself, not about others in the group. Practice loving kindness towards yourself and others in all your communications.
  5. Respect Confidentiality.
  6. Do not practice Clarity Breathwork on others until you have completed the Level 1–4 Training program and received a minimum of 4 private sessions with us.

Please fill out the form below to confirm that you agree with all of the above.