Clarity Breathwork Events


Light Body Activation Weekend

This Course is for you if you are a Light Worker, Changemaker, or Visionary

Cultivate the energy skills to support you to navigate in these transformational times. Learn to access higher consciousness to empower your life, leadership, and abundance.


Breathe to Breakthrough!

How to Thrive and Change the World with Clarity Breathwork

June 17th, 2023 ~ 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM California Pacific Time

Join us to learn about how Breathwork is one of the fastest growing transformational growth processes on the planet. It’s a healing paradigm that can help you shift your life at the deepest levels and support others to do the same.


Chrysalis: Women’s Rite of Passage
3-Month Mentorship Journey

For Women in Transition Ready to Birth into a More Authentic Life

We will journey together over 3 months with Private & Group Online Sessions and an In-Person 4-day Retreat in Northern California July 28 – 31, to support you in moving through your transition with Grace, Beauty, and Power. Limited to 10 Women, by application.


Clarity Breathwork @

Pachamama Eco-Village, Costa Rica

Join our Life Changing Level 1 & 2, 3/4 Retreats taught to thousands of people over 30+ Years

In the jungle and lushness of Costa Rica experience 8 Days of the Profound Practice of Clarity Breathwork along with Sacred Sound, Music & Mantra, & Light Body Meditation to become more fully who you are and live the life you are meant to live!


Online Professional Clarity Breathwork Certification Program Levels 1–5

Starting September, 2023 – February, 2024

Create a lucrative career doing what you love and changing lives!

A rich combination of Online, In-person and Video Trainings