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Clarity Breathwork Mantras and Meditations - Full Series

Here is everything that is included in the series:

Series 1: 
Clearing Obstacles to Living your Totality

We invoke Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles & illusions. He clears confusion and fear, brings protection. He allows miracles & good fortune to happen. Ganesha is invoked especially at the beginning of a journey. This first meditation is a power house experience which includes an overview of many of the Clarity Breathwork tools and processes. It helps you to call back all of your energy from people, places & situations. It activates your root chakra and connection to the living intelligence & healing life force of Gaia ~ Mother Earth. Cleanses, clears & activates all your chakras so you can live from the fullness of your Totality, connected to your Divinity.

Series 2: 
Healing Birth & Beyond

We call in both Kali & Durga to clear, cleanse and release that which is no longer serving you. Kali slays our egoic identification and bestows spiritual blessings. Durga rides a tiger and brandishes a sword, giving us courage & fearlessness. This mantra also activates your kundalini to awaken powerful energies to support your deeper embodiment. Healing Birth & Beyond takes you on a journey back into the beginning of your conception into this life. Exploring early imprints from womb time, delivery and beyond, we bring healing and awareness to any places where you may have gotten stuck, so that you can fully birth yourself into your life now.

Series 3: Liberating the Inner Child

Om Shanti Om brings a sense of peace, tranquility and calm to the Inner self, preparing the way to meet the Inner Child inside of you. We journey to bring love and healing to any wounded places or memories that have not been accepted & integrated. The child holds the key to our joy, creativity and life force energy. Once liberated, your Adult self can more fully blossom.

Series 4: 
Mother ~ Healing the Feminine Lineage

We call in the names of the Divine Mother in her many forms to invoke their qualities so that we may embody them. This sets the space for a potent journey to break the chains & heal our relationship with our Mothers, to experience forgiveness, and integration of past wounding as well as harvesting the gifts of this primary relationship. We send this healing back through the lineage of women that have gone before us. We connect with the strong, healing women in our lineage to stand with us and support us to integrate the Sacred Feminine into our lives as we move forward, which allows us to deepen all of our relationships & embrace the Sacred Feminine in all of life.

Series 5: 
Father ~ Healing the Masculine Lineage

We invoke Lord Shiva, the destroyer of our limited and ignorant thinking, and revealer of Truth, to bring healing to the relationship with our Fathers. This mantra goes back thousands of years and is said to be one of the most important mantras in existence. One master said it was more powerful than the Atom bomb. With the energy of this mantra behind us, we journey deep to send love to all the places we may have had wounding with our fathers. We unravel limited patterns and imprints as well as honoring the gifts of this most important relationship. We send this light back through the masculine lineage bringing healing to all that has been passed through. We empower the Sacred Masculine to rise in our lives and on the planet.

Series 6: 
Healing Sexuality & Creating Sacred Relationships

Radhe is the purest essence of the feminine and teaches us how to love with devotion and purity, giving our totality and becoming the Love that we seek. In this beautiful meditation we bathe ourselves in her radiant light ~ healing our sexuality, restoring our sacred boundaries, honoring our bodies, connecting sex, heart & spirit. We weave greater love into our intimate relationships, heal the wounds of our imagined separation, complete old patterns that no longer serve us. As we love ourselves more fully we are ready to go beyond blame and projection and to take greater responsibility for the quality of love, joy & freedom in our lives.

Series 7: 
Activating True Abundance

Lakshmi brings great gifts of abundance, aliveness, success & joy. She bestows great blessings to all who call upon her. We use her mantra to clear the channels that have blocked us from receiving of all of our good ~ including mistrust of life, ways we have held ourselves back, not felt worthy & deserving of having what we really want. We expand our capacity to manifest & receive abundance in every area of our lives. We immerse ourselves in the light of the Spiritual Sun where we are restored & reconnected to All That Is. We remember there is an Infinite Supply and we are always provided for & supported. We send this Abundance out to the whole world.

Series 8: Initiation: Living Your Highest Purpose

We call upon the Divine Mother as Ananda Ma, Mother of Bliss & Peace. She blesses, heals, renews, restores & uplifts all Beings. Together we realize our full potential, awaken our true gifts & empower ourselves to step into our greater role as Healers, Teachers & Leaders. All seven chakras and our DNA are activated to our next level of embodied service. We journey to a Golden Temple of Light to receive an Initiation & Divine transmission of greater power, love & clarity. We embrace our Highest Purpose and expand our Vision of what is truly possible for our lives, humanity, & our beautiful Mother Earth.